16. January 2020

Times of Israel: Calves who survived Australian fires sent to Israel for slaughter

Source: Times of Israel

Our partner organisation Israel Against Live Shipments (IALS) sent us a report about the following case: 

More than one billion animals died during the Austrialian bush fires. But the live export business carries on as usual. As our partner organisation reports, 11,000 calves were saved from the fires only to be shipped abroad to Israel for slaughter. When IALS found the animals in the quarantine stables in the Israeli port of Eilat, 15 caves were already dead. How many animals died during the journey is unknown. The remaining survivors were in a terrible state. They were weak and some calves went blind due to the high level of ammonia inside the ship. After eight days in the quarantine stables, the calves will be transported to fattening farms. They will remain there for another four to eight monts until they are slaughtered. 

The export of calves from Australia to Israel has increased last year, according to our partners. It is estimated that they will increase by a further three percent during the next year.  

Read the newspaper article: 

The Times of Israel

IALS footage about the case: 

Arrival of the animals in Eilat

Quarantine stables