02. July 2019

Turkey | Kapikule | Animal transport to Turkey: Day 1

Exhausted sheep lying down.

Young bulls from Austria in a stable near the Turkish border.

Bulgarian sheep with long fleece suffering from heat stress (37.5°C).

A blind animal who is not allowed to be transported.

Our team starts to inspect animal trucks from the EU entering Turkey at the border of Kapikule. Close to the border crossing, we see young bulls with Austrian ear tags in a private stable. For one day, they have been stuck inside the border and for another one at this stable due to problems with their documents. Six other trucks with Austrian cattle, which arrived at the border on the same day, have already continued their journey into Turkey.

In the afternoon, the temperature reaches 37°C. A truck with Bulgarian sheep crosses the Turkish border. Most of the animals have very long fleece and suffer a lot from the heat. They are heavily panting; several are exhausted and lying down.

Another truck is carrying fattening bulls, which were loaded in Czechia but have Irish ear tags. The truck is overcrowded and not all animals can access the few water troughs. When they are unloaded at the stable, the thirsty bulls start fighting for water.

We will send complaints to the competent authorities that approved the transports observed today, since the measured temperatures exceeded the maximum permissible limits.