30. January 2018

Turkey | Corlu | Meeting with person responsible for Corlu slaughterhouse

Last year this slaughterhouse bought a pneumatic stunner from a German company and started to offer its' clients the option of having their cattle stunned before being cut for slaughter. This was a breakthrough, as we have never seen stunners in use at any of the slaughterhouses we have visited in Turkey and stunning is still a taboo subject among many. The common belief among most Muslims in Turkey is that an animal must only be slaughtered by the use of a sharp knife and no other equipment beforehand. At the time about 10% of the clients using Corlu slaughterhouse to slaughter their cattle chose for pre-stunning. Today we met with the official responsible for Corlu slaughterhouse. She told us that now that more and more of their clients have seen the welfare advantages of pre-stunning, 50% of the cattle slaughtered at their plant are now pre-stunned.

To watch the short video of the pre-stunning we made last year inside this slaughterhouse, click HERE