23. July 2018

Uruguay | Blood farm “Biomega SA” | Blood mares

Gauchos are moving the blood mares to a meadow.

This emaciated mare is lame.

A mare with a leg injury. It is most likely broken.

A cachectic mare.

Near the Biomega blood farm, a group of 300 mares is moved by two gauchos on horseback on a stony gravel road. They are on the way to a nearby pasture. The horses’ condition is variable: some look healthy, on first glance, and have an adequate body weight, while others are extremely emaciated. The horses have neglected hooves, some with cracks, and it is highly questionable if the hooves of these untamed animals are ever trimmed. A number of horses are lame, several are severely lame. An emaciated black mare has difficulties bearing weight on the left hind leg and clearly experiences pain. A thin bay mare has a seriously injured front leg. It can be assumed that either a tendon is torn, or that the leg is broken. Even just by moving, the animal injures itself further. Lame horses should never be herded but provided with veterinary treatment.

Five foals are running with the herd, which are very few compared to the number of mares. On blood farms, foals are systematically aborted. These foals are likely the result of abortions that have not been effective.