Investigations by country:

01. July 2017

Bulgaria | Turkey | Animal transports to Turkey

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Animal Welfare Foundation/ Tierschutzbund Zuerich and Eyes on Animals have one team on each side of the border of Bulgaria and Turkey. This week the temperatures are extremely high, with a peak of 43°C.  Since years we have been sending reports and complaints to the EU Commission and the Member States about the immense animal welfare problems…

27. June 2017

Turkey | Bulgaria | Day 1 of Inspection of EU cattle trucks at the Turkish border

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Today teams from Eyes on Animals and TSB|AWF began inspecting EU livestock trucks passing the Bulgarian border and trying to enter Turkey. First we checked on Petline and Meat & Milk stables on the Turkish side, because we received information that 22 trucks with fattening cattle on board (in total approx 500 cattle) from the Czech Republic were…

30. March 2017

Bulgaria | Svilengrad | Cattle exports to Turkey

[Translate to English:] Parkplatz Svilengrad – hier stehen nur Tiertransporter in der prallen Sonne.

Every day between 20-30 animal consignments are passing Bulgaria on the way to Turkey, most of the animals need a 24 hours rest in a control post according to Reg. (EC)1/2005. The Bulgarian authorities suddenly closed the Control Post of Royal Haskovo. We have no information about the reasons behind. Presently, only the newly opened control post in…

29. August 2016

Bulgaria | Inspections of transports to Turkey

[Translate to English:] Tiertransport auf der Fahrt zur türkischen Grenze.

Our AWF/ EonA teams stays at the Bulgarian side of the border between Kapitan Andreevo/ Bulgaria and Kapikule/ Turkey and observes the arrival times of animals at the border.  A French journalist from ARTE is accompanying us. The trade is comparably slow, with approximately 10 animal trucks per day. We inspect a certain number of trucks, who are…