Investigations by country:

04. July 2017

Uruguay | Maldonado | Estancia „Las Marquesas“ | Blood farms for hormone production

[Translate to English:] Eine dünne Stute, die trächtig zu sein scheint.

We return to the blood farm of Fernando Perdigón in the hinterland of Maldonado. On the way there, we see groups of horses grazing on forest clearings. Among the mares, there are also a few stallions. Spring is the time of the year when the mares are covered. The new extraction season is about to start and some mares already look pregnant. We note…

04. July 2017

Uruguay | Cerro Largo | Bocking’s farm “Biomega SA” | Blood farms for hormone production

[Translate to English:] Stark abgemagerte Stute mit schlimmer Beinverletzung.

In the early morning, two gauchos on horseback move about 200 horses from the pastures into the holding pens of the blood farm. Another worker is observed hanging empty blood bags over a fence to dry. At 8:35, three employees start moving horses from the holding pens towards the building, using wooden sticks. They are hitting the horses repeatedly,…

13. April 2017

Uruguay | Cerro Largo | Blood farms for hormone production

[Translate to English:] Die schwer verletzte Stute humpelt am blauen Tank vorbei.

At 8:00 in the morning, two gauchos on horseback arrive at the blood farm, herding 30 to 40 horses. Shortly after, two employees are observed moving the horses from the holding pens into the raceway leading to the extraction building. One of them is waving a long stick with a white flag on the end and the other a stick with a plastic bag attached.…

06. April 2017

Uruguay | Maldonado | Estancia „Las Marquesas“ | Blood farms for hormone production

[Translate to English:] Hochträchtige Stuten, die zur Nachzucht von Blutstuten bestimmt sind.

Today we return to the estancia “Las Marquesas” of Fernando Perdigón to conduct further observations on the pastures. Our first sight are three heavily pregnant mares crossing the road. They have yellow tags around their necks. We assume that these mares are used for breeding to ensure a supply of young mares for PMSG production.

Most horses we…

15. December 2016

Uruguay | Canelones | Slaughterhouse Sarel | Horsemeat import

[Translate to English:] Ungenügender Witterungsschutz und trächtige Stute (rechts).

When we arrive at the slaughterhouse Sarel, we are surprised to see that the large paddocks next to the main road, which were empty on our last visit in October, are very crowded today. Altogether, there are approximately 250 horses on the slaughterhouse premises. The temperature reaches 28°C today. We note that two small shelters have been built,…

15. December 2016

Uruguay | Canelones | Slaughterhouse Clay | Horsemeat import

[Translate to English:] Sammelstelle Clay: kein Schatten für die Pferde vorhanden.

When we arrive at the collecting station of the slaughterhouse Clay, we immediately realize that the horses still have no weather protection whatsoever. The broken shelters still have not been fixed although December is one of the hottest months of the year. The horses are kept in paddocks that offer no shade at all, not even from trees. Several of…

04. December 2016

Uruguay | Lavalleja - Minas | Rodeo | Horsemeat import

[Translate to English:] Die Pferde werden mit Sporen getreten und Peitsche geschlagen, damit sie buckeln.

Today we visit another rodeo, called “jineteada” in Uruguay. Again, the horses are tied to a wooden post and blindfolded until the rodeo starts. They are very frightened. One horse falls down once and another twice while tied to the post and trying to free themselves. When the rodeo starts and the blindfold is taken off, the rider kicks the horse…

29. October 2016

Uruguay | Tranqueras | Slaughter horse collecting station | Horsemeat import

[Translate to English:] Pferd mit hervorstehenden Hüftknochen und Rippen.

When we arrive at the collecting station of horse dealer Bardanca in Tranqueras, we see about 20 horses on the fields at the edge of the forest. The land Bardanca rents from the forestry company Weyerhaeuser is vast and there are likely more horses inside the eucalyptus plantation but cannot be seen from the road.

We note that several horses are…

29. October 2016

Uruguay | Tacuarembó | Auction market | Horsemeat import

[Translate to English:] Abgemagerte und ermattete Pferde stehen in der prallen Sonne.

At 9:30, driving north in direction of Rivera, we see a huge pen area with cattle and horses next to the road and decide to stop by. Gauchos on horseback tell us that a livestock auction sale took place yesterday and that the animals are going to be loaded today.

Most of the pens hold cattle; there are three pens with horses. Two of these pens…