01. March 2020

Australia | Manilla, New South Wales | Horse assembly centre of Les Evans

A trotter with a serious head injury exposing the bone (photo: confidential source).

Horses are left to die inside the paddocks (photo: confidential source).

An emaciated, injured horse is unable to stand up (photo: confidential source).

Another weak horse abandoned without any medical assistance (photo: confidential source).

Today, our team is investigating the assembly centre of kill buyer Les Evans. He is one of the major suppliers of horses to the Meramist abattoir. From the road, we see about 20 horses with slaughter tags in a green paddock in front of the farmhouse. However, the main part of the assembly centre for “slaughter” horses is about 800 meters south of the farm buildings. It is located behind a hill and not visible from the road.

We receive confidential investigation material from an Australian NGO that visited Les Evans’ assembly centre in August 2018 and May 2019. Today, the pastures are green which is uncommon for this region. Back then, the land was very dry and there was no grass for the horses to eat. The supply of hay was insufficient and hungry horses were observed searching for food and eating manure. Several were severely emaciated, some were injured. Two weak horses were down and struggling to stand up. Wounds were left untreated. Veterinary care costs money, but no money is invested in horses that are destined for the slaughterhouse. A horse skull and numerous bones were found in the paddocks. Sick or injured horses here most likely die without any medical attention.

The brands on the horses’ shoulders or neck showed that most of them were former racehorses, gallopers, and trotters. There was a group of foals, who never made it to the racetrack. They had apparently not passed the selection process. They are the youngest victims of the racing industry.