25. January 2016

Greece | Corfu | Donkey rescue

[Translate to English:] Die kleine Synefoula mit ihren verwachsenen Hufen

[Translate to English:] Die Behandlung geht nur im Liegen

[Translate to English:] Röntgenaufnahme von Synefoula einem Bein

[Translate to English:] Aris bei der Behandlung eines von 40 Eseln im CDR


Aris, the farrier, trims the hoofes of 40 donkeys in the Corfu Donkey Rescue center, plus two that are in foster homes on the Island of Corfu. He only found one donkey with a problem, he had an abscess. 
The most difficult case for Aris is Synefoula. Synefoula is just one year old and was rescued by the CDR from a private Zoo on the island. She has a total abnormality of all four legs and according to the owner she was born like this. The CDR specialists were suspicious, but the x-rays and the veterinarian confirmed it.
Aris trimmed her hooves as best he could. But as it is a congenital problem there was little he could do, just make it easier for her to walk. She cannot run or play. She however, potters about the place, seems to have no fear of the other donkeys and they have treated her with respect, seeming to sense she is vulnerable.
Obviously the prognosis is bad as she gets older and heavier and the legs take more strain. She would probably have to be put to sleep early in life.
The important thing is to get her regular trimmed from Aris to keep her as comfortable as possible.  Next time Aris comes, he will come with two veterinarians from the GAWF, who will examine Synefoula.