07. February 2015

New Holland – Pennsylvania | Horse Auction | Horsemeat Import

[Translate to English:] Der weisse Kaltblüter ist stark abgemagert.

[Translate to English:] Ein Pferd wird durch den Ring der Hoover-Pferdeauktion geführt.

When our investigators arrive at the Hoover Horse Sale in New Holland at 8:50, the parking lot is already crowded with many Amish and Mennonite buggies. Despite the cold temperature of - 4° C, people are rigorously test-driving the horses at the track.
This auction has several areas where they keep animals prior to their being run through the sale ring. The main barn is very crowded with Standardbred driving horses tied to feed troughs and overhead rafters to keep them from moving around. The horses are nervous and agitated in the crowded atmosphere and we observe a lot of biting and kicking. The troughs are filled with hay, but there is no access to water. In a side barn, there are approx. 50 slaughter horses – old work horses that are skinny with overgrown hooves, cuts on their legs and harness sores. We notice a white draft horse gelding that is emaciated with his hip bones clearly showing. Outside, there are three pens – one with ponies and two with drafts and mules. The pens are very muddy, but they have access to hay and water. 
The sale starts off with the work horses at 10:00. Our investigators note that kill buyers Bruce Rotz, a buyer for Brian Moore and Chucky Beam are lined up across from Hoover, the auctioneer. They divide the work horses between the three of them, paying between $40 and $550. When the emaciated white gelding enters the ring, Hoover makes the comment that he comes from a farmer who has worked him in the field and that whoever bought the horse better get him to a water trough since he has been without water for several days. He is sold for $150 to Brian Moore.