25. May 2019

Poland | Bodzentyn | Monthly Report May: Cattle & Horse Markets

A neglected young bull with a Czechian ear tag.

We spot an emaciated cow with overgrown hooves.

Our team during their work at the cattle market.

A veterinary inspector checking the documents of one of the traders.

The number of horses at the Bodzentyn market remains quite constant around 20 animals. As usual, most of the horses are bought by an Italian trader. We do not see any injured or sick animals. However, some mares have slightly overgrown hooves.

On the cattle market we see a lot of veterinary inspectors including regional veterinary officers and police. Some of the veterinarians come from other regions. They are called to help control the vehicles and the condition of the transported animals. One of the traders loaded cattle on two decks in the front part of the truck that is called Swanneck. This truck is inspected by one of the veterinarians.

Another trader that tethers cattle in his truck, which is forbidden, is also controlled. During the market our team notices a few animals with overgrown claws and one neglected young bull with an ear tag from Czechia. We will inform the competent authorities about our findings.