30. November 2019

Poland | Bodzentyn, Lagow | Monthly Report November: Horse and Cattle Markets

It becomes more and more typical that there are no horses being sold at the Bodzentyn horse market anymore.

Cattle market. Our team notices a cow with overgrown claws and reports this case to the competent authorities.

A terrified cow makes it impossible for the veterinarian to put a dressing on her broken horn.

Once again, there is not a single horse at the Bodzentyn horse market. We only see stands with different kind of products, such as as food or farm equipment that is being sold. This situation has already been the case twice this month.

However, at the cattle market the number of the animals is slightly increasing. We calculate that there are around 300 animals. We notice one cow with overgrown claws. We report it to the veterinary inspectors present at the market who is that day. Later, we observe an animal with a broken horn. We are asking the market veterinarian to take care of injured animal. However, the cow is terrified and is trying to release herself. It is impossible to treat the wound properly, but veterinarian is at least able to disinfect the wound. Next, we see that the veterinary inspector prevents a transport of calves that have been loaded on a vehicle that is not suitable for them. The buyer is obliged to find an appropriate transport vehicle for the animals. After several minutes, he is able to find a substitute vehicle, the calves are being loaded and the lorry is allowed to leave the market.