28. October 2019

Poland | Bodzentyn, Lagow| Monthly Report October: Cattle & Horse Markets

We will try to convince the owner of this female dog to neuter her.

Bodzentyn horse market. We are checking whether the loading of the horses is carried out properly.

Our team is inspecting the horse market in Bodzentyn. This time, we only see ten horses. They are being selected for an Italian trader. The animals present look healthy and the loading is carried out professionally and  properly. On another day, the market is empty. There is not a single horse.

During our inspection at cattle market, we notice two malnourished cows. We report them to the veterinary inspectors present at the market on that day. Afterwards, we observe a small female dog sniffing around between the vehicles. It turns out that she belongs to a man who works at the market. During conversation he tells us that she is not neutered. Our attempts to convince him to neuter his dog are failing. We will try again, perhaps during a different situation, but not at the market. We hope that the owner will agree to neuter this dog in the future since it will contribute to decreasing the number of unwanted puppies in Poland.