28. September 2019

Poland | Bodzentyn, Lagow | Monthly Report September: Cattle & Horse Markets

Walking with such overgrown claws is difficult and painful.

The trader is trying to hide the cows with overgrown hooves from us inside his truck.

Whilst inspecting the cattle market we notice three cows with overgrown hooves. When we try to write down their ear tag numbers, we are blocked by the cows’ owner. He behaves nervously and loads his animals onto the truck. We are only able to take one picture and write down the registration number of one ear tag. We are going to report this case to the competent authorities.

On another market day we observe the trader that has previously been reprimanded by our team. Again, he tethers his cattle by the horns in the truck. This is illegal. Moreover, he is loading bulls and cows in one compartment, which is also forbidden. We report him immediately to the veterinary inspectors who are present at the market on this day. Later, we are informed that during their controls the inspectors revealed several infringements. They will notify the police.

The number of animals present at cattle market increased a little bit recently. The situation is different at the horse market. This time there is not a single horse at the market. It seems like the trade for slaughter horses in Bodzentyn is finally over.