13. March 2015

Poland | Bodzentyn | Meeting with the mayor of Bodzentyn

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Our team meets the new mayor of Bodzentyn to discuss the horse and the cattle market in Bodzentyn. Mr. Skiba wants to continue operating the market, because it is the only chance for the small-scale farmers in this region to sell their animals. Closing the market will lead in his opinion to illegal trade and prolonged transport times for the animals. He is planning structural and organizational changes and already employeed a veterinarian. Furthermore seven community workers have been sent to a training to get a certificate of competence according to the Regulation 1/2005.
We agreed on another meeting together with community workers, police, the veterinarian and the official veterinarians. Our team is also invited and we hope to find and agree on clear instructions for the people in charge. For example, what is the procedure when animals with neglected hoofes/ claws arrive at the market, or with injuries from transport? What is the procedure when the dealers ignore the instructions of the veterinarian, when cows are found with dripping udders? Together with the responsible parties, we would like to see, clear standard operating procedures for better enforcement of the regulations for the protection of animals.