30. March 2019

Poland | Bodzentyn | Monthly Report March: Cattle & Horse Markets

Veterinary inspectors cannot strike openly. They continue to work and express their protest by wearing jackets and badges with protest logos.

Cattle loaded on two decks in Swanneck.

A cow with overgrown hooves on the hind legs.

This month, our team visits the animal markets seven times, including the annual horse fair in Skaryszew (see investigation report 12th of March 2019). Despite the national Veterinary Inspection protest in Poland, the inspectors are present at the cattle market every time. Moreover, they organise joined controls with ITD (Road Transport Police) from time to time. That day, one of the big traders loaded cattle onto two decks of his truck in Swanneck. He is stopped and inspected by ITD. He will probably get a fine because he is no longer committing this violation when loading animals. The number of animals is more or less on a constant level: Around 200 cattle and less than 20 horses at each market. We do not see any sick or injured animals, just a few cows with overgrown hooves. We report these cases to competent authorities.