19. February 2018

Poland | Gdansk region | Training for Gdansk Police, Inspection with ITD Gdansk



29-31.01.2018 and 01.02.2018: A very special time for the TSB|AWF and EonA team in the north of Poland. We are giving a training to the Police for the first time in Poland, and taking the opportunity to do a joint inspection with Road Transport Inspection (ITD) there, who completed our training in November 2016. A lot of good atmosphere, motivation, exchange of information, and great cooperation with Veterinary Inspection. The transports that were stopped for inspection during practical part of Police training were a perfect example of the range of potential situations on the road: we saw a small van up to 3.5 tonnes with 5 adult bovines squeezed in the limited compartment, moreover cows were mixed with bulls (no, a rope is not a proper partition), the animals were tied by the horns with extremely short ropes, and the vehicle itself posed a risk of injury. We saw a transport of four boars to a slaughterhouse, two of them obviously dragged onto vehicle, because they were unfit for transport. We saw a severly overloaded pig transport, with 80 pigs on two decks, stressed and fighting badly. It came as a relief to see that three transports had minor infringements only. Fines from PLN 100 to 1500 were imposed, and in three cases proceedings are going to be initiated against the transporters. We are monitoring the situation.