13. March 2020

Poland | Koroszczyn, Korczowa | Training for Veterinary Inspection: Border and District Vets

On Tuesday, 10th of March, our team arrives at the border crossing in Koroszczyn to provide a training for border vets on the Council Regulation (EC) No 1/2005 in the context of  live exports. The Polish border is of strategic importance, as it is an exit/entry point from and into the EU. The audience for the training is selected by the Chief Veterinary Office (CVO) and consists of official vets with different responsibilities regarding the transport of livestock. 

We are flexible with our training plan and take breaks during our theoretical part whenever trucks with animals arrive at the border. We are answering numerous questions of the participants. With the help of the Road Transport Inspection, we provide an introduction to the tachograph readings and drivers’ working times – a regulation with big impact on animal transport times.

On 12th and 13th of March we are repeating the same training for a second group of participants at the border crossing in Korczowa. We adapt our training to different work experience and the needs of the participants. We have the opportunity to inspect an empty long-distance truck and discuss all details regarding animal welfare with the participants. 

We receive a lot of very positive feedback from the participants who appreciate our expertise and practical approach. Also, our training is a success because we help to identify loopholes in the system and prepare an action plan for everyone involved to cover these gaps. Our training becomes a platform on which cooperation between authorities is established or improved.