30. August 2019

Poland | Swietokrzyskie | Monthly Report August: Farm Animal Service

Brody. A hoof canker appears again. We are applying special ointment on a hoof.

Wola Zamkowa. Here the young stallion also surfers from hoof canker but his hooves look much better.

Celiny. We find a German Shepherd on the road.

Podgorze. Our team is trying to convince the farmer to neuter his female cat

Zbelutka. Our team visits this farm for the first time. Many things need to be improved here.

Sadlowice. Another new farm that joined to our FAS programme. It is quite well maintained.

This time, our Farm Animal Service (FAS) team is helping lame foal in Niedospielin. During trimming we find an injury in the hoof. The wound is cleaned and protected with a special dressing. Next, we are going to the farm in Brody where the problem of hoof canker appears again. It is a very difficult disease to treat. However, we do not give up. We clean the hooves and apply a special ointment. On the next farm in Wola Zamkowa, the young stallion surfers from the same hoof disease. However, his hooves look much better. We also take the opportunity to remind the owner about his outstanding task: He still needs to install a window in the door of the cattle´s stable to let more light inside. He promised to finish it by the end of September. We will come back to check if he keeps his promise.

During the drive to the next farm, we find a dog on its own, a German shepherd. This friendly animal must have been roaming around for a while because he is very thirsty and looks skinny. We are driving around the village looking for his owners. Unfortunately, no one knows him. He might have run away from another place or was abandoned. We are taking him to the veterinarian. It turns out the dog is about six years old and has a microchip. Unfortunately, it is not registered. Therefore, we cannot identify the owners. The dog will stay with our farrier Bogdan until we will find his owners or a new home for him.

Afterwards, we are called to a farm in Mosty. A mare stopped eating recently, and dramatically lost weight. The local veterinarian advised the owner to trim her teeth, but he did not have proper tools. Our team is helping the mare out. After the trimming the mare is able eat without pain again. Then, we visit two farms that want to join to our FAS programme. The farm in Sadlowice is quite well maintained. We just notice a few small things that need improving. The situation at the farm in Zbelutka is different. We see many things that need to be improved. Therefore, first task for the owner is to clean one of the barns.

On our last visit for this month, we are checking the problematic farm in Podgorze. The last time the owner agreed to neuter the cat when she finished feeding the kittens. Now, he is refusing to neuter the cat. We are trying to convince him, but he is not listening. Again, we only see mouldy bread in the dog bowls and the animals are not provided with clean water either. We are slowly losing out hope that something will change here. We are running out of possibilities and decide to ask the veterinary inspection for help. They will control this farm very soon.

In total, our farriers visited 20 farms this month. They trimmed the hooves of 17 horses, and the teeth of one mare. Moreover, two new contracts were signed.