29. March 2019

Poland | Swietokrzyskie | Monthly report March: Farm Animal Service (FAS)

Nowy Jawor. This foal needs training in picking up the leg.

Bodzentyn. An abscess is the reason of this horse’s lameness.

Kurzacze. We discover an infection in the frog during the trimming.

This farm is visited by our team for the first time. The messy yard needs cleaning.

Our FAS team visits the farm in Wzdol to check on the infrastructure that can be accessed by farm animals in emergency cases. Polish municipalities are obligated by law to prepare such spots. The place is big enough to accommodate over a dozen farm animals. However, it needs cleaning and small renovations. Next, our farriers control the farm in Sieradowice. The owner installs new a floor in the stable, but it is wooden and gets slippery when is wet. Therefore, he needs to put more straw on the floor. In Nowy Jawór the owner was focused so much on building a new stable that he neglected his animals. The dogs do not have fresh water and the foal is not prepared for trimming. We rebuke him. We will come back when he trained his foal to pick up the leg.

Then, we are called to a limping foal in Bodzentyn. During our work we find an abscess in one of the hoofs. The wound is cleaned and disinfected. At the next farm in Kurzacze, we also find a problem in the horse’s hoof – A frog infection. We remove and disinfect the diseased tissue. The owner rents a farm next door to keep his stallions. This gives him an opportunity to let out all his horses. Next, our farriers are called to Niemienice. There they diagnose a cracked heal of a horse. They clip away the hair and spray the infected area with antibacterial liquid. The owner needs to repeat this procedure several times until the tissue is cured. Next, we drive to visit two new farms. Both are a bit neglected and messy. In Godow the dogs are chained too short and their dog houses are in a poor condition. We talk to the owner and leave him the rules of our program. He does not look interested. The owner of another farm is much more willing to cooperate but is uncertain to sign the contract yet. To encourage him, we trim the hooves of his mare. We will come back to check on both places. If there will not be any improvements or a lack of will to make any changes, we will report them to the Veterinary Inspection.