31. May 2021

Poland | Wachock | Helping animals in need during the COVID-19 pandemic

Kittens suffering from cat’s flu receive medical treatment at the veterinary clinic.

Nuka the homeless dog is being examined before surgery.

Our colleague Anna has been taking care of Bioly regularly since December 2020.

One of the furry patients after the neutering surgery.

This month our team continues to help cats and dogs in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. Poland is struggling with huge numbers of homeless animals. Therefore, our team tries to enhance the welfare of the animals by providing free neutering procedures and by providing medical care to animals in need.

Our team is organising the sterilisation of a dog called Nuka this month. She was found amidst the bushes close to the Polish town Radomsko. We do not know her story, but it seems like she has been living there for some time and gave birth to puppies. It is likely that her puppies will also have no home but the streets. This makes our work in the region so important.

Next, our team member Anna is visiting a dog called Bioly. Our team has been looking after Bioly since December 2020. Anna is now paying regular check-up visits to Bioly to see whether his owner is taking good care of him. In May, we are happy to find no problems with his upkeep.  

In total, our team organised the neutering of 21 dogs (17 female and four male) and 16 cats (13 female and 3 male). In addition, we provided medical care to four kittens suffering from cat flu. Luckily, a volunteer will foster the kittens until a new home can be found for them.