18. May 2016

Turkey | Slaughterplant Konya | Control of Slaughterplants

[Translate to English:] Die Rinder laufen sicher auf den Anti-Rutsch-Böden

[Translate to English:] Ein Gitter über dem Treibbgang verhindert das Aufspringen auf das vordere Tier

[Translate to English:] Runde TReibgänge vermindern den Stress für die Tiere

Promising news from Turkey- the EonA and TSB|AWF team in Turkey just visited a slaughterhouse in Konya that had taken animal behaviour into account when designing it two years ago. It was by far the "best" one seen so far during our three years inspecting and trying to improve slaughterhouses in Turkey. There were anti-mounting racks above the raceway to prevent cattle from jumping and injuring eachother. The sides of the raceway were solid and the raceway curved, to ease movement and reduce some of the fear caused by distractions. The floor had been made anti-slip throughout the lairage and raceway to avoid animals slipping and falling.  There was shade and water available in each waiting pen and the cattle are at least not live hoisted by one leg before having their throat cut, as seen in other plants.  But the most promising news is that the managers and chief veterinarian were very pleased with our visit and are prepared to put some of our suggestions for further improvements into place. Their attitude was open and curious.  This makes our work at reducing animal-suffering much easier and faster.  We will send them our report and stay in touch with them, to work on future changes necessary to further reduce some of the suffering.