Investigations by country:

13. March 2015

Poland | Bodzentyn | Meeting with the mayor of Bodzentyn

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Our team meets the new mayor of Bodzentyn to discuss the horse and the cattle market in Bodzentyn. Mr. Skiba wants to continue operating the market, because it is the only chance for the small-scale farmers in this region to sell their animals. Closing the market will lead in his opinion to illegal trade and prolonged transport times for the…

10. March 2015

Hungary, Slovenia | Nagykaniza | Animal Transport

[Translate to English:] Team rettet verletzten Sperber

On the way to the place of investigation our team has its first animal rescue. On the three-lane-road around Munich they see an injured sparrow hawk. The team stops the car on the emergency lane, runs back to the place where they saw the bird and amazingly, he is still sitting there alive. They manage to slow down the traffic and catch the bird.…

06. March 2015

Poland | Wąchock, Brody, Mirzec, Pawłów | Big Castration Week

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In the week commencing 02.-06.03.2015, the Tierschutzbund Zurich enabled the castration of overall 337 animals. Thereof 124 were dogs and 213 cats. Furthermore, all dogs were chipped and registered. The campaign was offered in four communes with whom we cooperate already for a long time. Thereby, the TSB finances the castration costs whereas the…

07. February 2015

New Holland – Pennsylvania | Horse Auction | Horsemeat Import

[Translate to English:] Der weisse Kaltblüter ist stark abgemagert.

When our investigators arrive at the Hoover Horse Sale in New Holland at 8:50, the parking lot is already crowded with many Amish and Mennonite buggies. Despite the cold temperature of - 4° C, people are rigorously test-driving the horses at the track.
This auction has several areas where they keep animals prior to their being run through the sale…