Investigations by country:

10. November 2016

Spain | Barcelona | Animal Transport Guides

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Today our team is present at the last meeting of the working group for the Sheep Transport Guides as part of an European project called Animal Transport Guides ( At the meeting different stakeholders are present to express their concerns regarding animal welfare during the transport of sheep. The objective is to…

18. January 2016

France - Spain | Highway | Animal transports

[Translate to English:] Entladung der Kälber in Vic, Spanien, nach 22 Stunden Transport.

In the early morning, we are following the calf transporter on the highway A9 when the drivers stop near Nîmes. They say the inside temperature is 6°C. We check the animals with a flashlight and most of them are resting. The younger calves in the trailer look more crowded and some of them are stepping on each other. Some calves are coughing and…