Investigations by country:

27. June 2017

Turkey | Bulgaria | Day 1 of Inspection of EU cattle trucks at the Turkish border

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Today teams from Eyes on Animals and TSB|AWF began inspecting EU livestock trucks passing the Bulgarian border and trying to enter Turkey. First we checked on Petline and Meat & Milk stables on the Turkish side, because we received information that 22 trucks with fattening cattle on board (in total approx 500 cattle) from the Czech Republic were…

29. August 2016

Turkey | Border at Kapikule | EU animal exportsto Turkey

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Our team has inspected today 15 road transport vehicles transporting live bovines from EU member states to Turkey. The majority of animals have been found to be in a good condition. However we have found one truck that carried 2 young newborn calves that have been born during the journey to two German heifers.

That should have not happened. The…

08. July 2016

Turkey | Border Kapikule | Animal transports

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During the last week, two teams of TSB|AWF and Eyes on Animals have seen approximately 200 livestock trucks pass the Turkish border of Kapikule and inspected 118 thereof. The animals were coming from Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Italy and Slovakia. Before the investigation, we had sent a warning to all exporting EU…

23. June 2016

Turkey | Border Kapikule | Animal transports | Day 1

[Translate to English:] Durstige Bullen lecken an Wänden und Gitterstangen.

Today a team of inspectors from TSB|AWF and our partner organisation, Eyes on Animals, from Holland arrives in Istanbul and drives to Kapikule at the Bulgarian/Turkish border. During one week we are going to inspect animal transporters bringing in animals from the EU to Turkey. While driving north on the highway, we observe 22 animal trucks passing…