Press Reports

16. March 2021

Livestock carrier Elbeik with 1,700 calves on bord stuck at sea since three months

The odyssey of the European calves stuck on the livestock carrier Elbeik continues. After the Elbeik left the Spanish port of Cartagena in December, it is now returning back to European waters.

In January our teams discovered the animal welfare scandal and have been working non-stop to find a solution for the animals ever since. We suspect that…

08. March 2021

International media coverage about live export tragedies Karim Allah and Elbeik

Our team uncovered two scandals surrounding live transport by sea. Once again, the livestock carrier Karim Allah is involved - a vessel which we have been complaining about since 2017, as well as another livestock vessel with the name Elbeik. For several months several thousand animals were stuck on both vessels. After discovering this tragedy, we…

08. March 2021

"Dods" reports about horsemeat imports from cruel production overseas

The news agency "Dods" which is directed at Members of the EU Parliament is reporting on our investigations regarding horsemeat form cruel production overseas. We have been presenting our research beforehand to a group of MEPs in a webinar hosted by the "Intergroup for Animals". für EU-  

Read the full article here (PDF) 

08. March 2021

The Brussels Times reports on horsemeat imports from torturous production overseas

The Brussels Times reports on horsemeat imports from torturous production overseas for the EU and Switzerland. Due to our persistent investigations and publications the import of horsemeat to Switzerland decreased by 75 %. Now more EU countries must follow.  

Read the article here

20. February 2021

The Guardian reports on our efforts to release animals abord the livestock carriers Karim Allah and Elbeik

The Guardian reports on our efforts to free thousands of cattle from the livestock carriers Karim Allah and Elbeik. The animals have been stuck on the ships for two months after they left the ports of Tarragona and Cartagena for Libya in December. Some animals are suspected to be infected with the bluetongue virus. Therefore, the unloading of many…

28. January 2021

Animals in Europe Podcast: How can we improve the live transport rules?

Source: Eurogroup for Animals

In this podcast episode, our project manager, Maria Boada Saña, joins Reineke Hameleers, CEO of the Eurogroup for Animals, in a conversation about her work in the field and how the current EU live transport rules should be improved to better serve the welfare of animals.

Listen to the podcast here 


27. January 2021

The Guardian: EU responsible for up to 80 % of live animal trade

"New analysis suggests the EU could be responsible for up to 80% of the global trade in live farm animals, which continues to be linked to animal welfare failings. 

Iris Baumgaertner, of Swiss-German NGO AWF-TSB, said in Germany the specialty is hatched chicks. The report found that the country exported 312 million head of poultry within the EU in…

11. December 2020

From Holland to Hell: New investigation about live exports from the EU

"New investigation conducted by Eyes on Animals - in collaboration with Eurogroup for Animals' members Animals International, Animal Welfare Foundation and Welfarm - exposes the fate of Dutch cattle exported out of the country's territories."

Eurogroup for Animals news report 

02. September 2020

Daily Mirror: "Desolate death of one British calf fuels call for livestock export ban"

The British newspaper Daily Mirror reports on our research on long-distance transports of young calves. Only a few weeks ago our investigators found a British calf on a fattening farm in Spain. The young animal was lying exhausted and gasping for breath in the blazing sun. The owner of the fattening farm was unwilling to spend any money on the…