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22. June 2016

Poland | Bodzentyn | cattle market

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Our team finds at 7:30 a young cow lying at the market Bodzentyn. The traders move her to another place, she walks normal, but immediately lies down again. She appears to be weak and refuses to drink or to eat. We call the market vet, who immediately gives first – aid treatment to her. She remains lying and the vet gets prepared for euthanasia, the…

31. October 2015

Poland | Bodzentyn | Cattle market Bodzentyn

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Our team arrives at 6.10am at the cattle market at Bodzentyn and immediately receives information about a tragic accident that just happened at the market. A trader got injured by a cow that jumped from the truck, certainly in panic and fear from the steep unloading ramp. The ambulance arrived shortly after, but we were informed later that he died…

30. October 2015

Poland | Bodzentyn | Meeting about the market in Bodzentyn

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The mayor of Bodzentyn invited again traders, the vet inspection Kielce, the veterinarian and our team to discuss developments and problems at the market in Bodzentyn. No one participated from the traders. The representatives of the Vetinspection Kielce are doing regular inspections now and started some administrative and legislative procedures…