Investigations by Topics:

16. June 2023

Three scientific evaluations of our investigations show the truth behind live animal transport

For years, our investigative teams have been monitoring, observing and documenting cruel long-distance transports within and outside the EU. There are hardly any scientific studies on the consequences of animal transports for animal welfare. That is why EU authorities such as EFSA, among others, also count on our documentation, which we have had…

21. April 2023

Investigation in Poland: Live transport inspections during the night together with the Polish Road Transport Police (ITD)

Irish transporter carries 47 unweaned calves too many. Also, there is insufficient space above their heads.

Our investigation team is once again supporting the Polish Road Transport Police (ITD) during live transport inspections. This time, we are working through the night. In just eight hours, we inspect seven trucks (one of which is empty). Among them are three international live transporters carrying piglets for fattening from Denmark to Poland. All…

26. March 2023

Easter investigation in Italy: Long-distance transports of lambs

One of the repeated problems is the lack of headspace.

Our investigative teams are on the road once again, this time to inspect trucks carrying lambs to Italy for Easter. Since 2016, we have repeatedly observed the same violations committed by the same transport companies.

This time, we have requested the support of the Italian police five times and were able to assist in four inspections. We have…

08. February 2023

Investigation in France: Calves remain hungry at EU supply station (control post)

Our team is inspecting the condition of the young animals and the loading situation.

The police stop a truck with 200 hungry calves near Besancon (France). This police action is possible due to our cooperation with the French NGO Welfarm and the EU politician Caroline Roose from the Green party.

The night before our investigation team observes the calves from the Czech Republic being unloaded at a supply station in the Alsace.…

28. June 2022

Live transport inspection: Unweaned calves form Germany enroute to Spain

For the first time, our team is observing how calves are supplied on a truck with electrolyte solution using a new drinking system.

Our team covertly trails a German transporter carrying unweaned calves to Spain. We are accompanied by an official veterinarian. After eight hours the drivers stopp in France to supply the calves with electrolyte solution. The majority of the calves is using the mobile drinking system.

We are positively surprised to observe for the first time the…

10. February 2022

Czech Republic | Rozvadov | Transport of calves to Spain

Looking for food, the hungry calves keep licking each other and the bars.

Not an individual case: Calves are fed insufficiently at control posts (supply stables) in France on a regular basis. Our investigations from the last years prove this.

The same is true today. Our team is accompanied by journalists and Caroline Roose, Member of the European Parliament. We observe a transport of calves on its way from the Czech…

20. December 2021

Italy: Inspection of long distance transports of lambs and sheep

Unweaned lambs are being transported over long distances to a slaughterhouse in the middle of Italy.

Together with our partner organisation, Animal Equality Italy, our team is on the lookout for trucks transporting lambs. Together we want to inspect long distance transports of lambs for animal welfare violations. Especially, before the Christian holidays, Easter and Christmas, many lambs are exported to Italy for slaughter. Our teams are on…

17. September 2021

Czech Republic| Rozvadov | Transport of calves to Spain

Unweaned calves from the Czech Republic en route to Spain.

Our team trails a Polish transporter loaded with 232 calves from Czech Republic. The calves have not been weaned yet. This means that they are still reliant on milk. During a stop close to the German border we inspect the loading conditions of the calves. The truck is equipped with a drinking system for pigs. This not appropriate to provide liquids…

24. February 2021

ANIT Committee | First AWF-Hearing | Transport of unweaned animals

Our project manager, Iris Baumgärtner, advocates an end to cruel transports of unweaned animals before the ANIT Committee.

Already at the tender age of 14 days, calves and lambs are allowed to be transported across Europe over long distances. In the transport vehicles, the young animals, which are still dependent on breast milk, cannot be taken…