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21. January 2016

Poland | Jacentów, Niemienice | Farm Animal Service

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Our team has been called to a limping mare named Gafra in Jacentów. On the place we are checking her legs, that seem to be okay, but we can locate an abzess in one front hoof.

We are opening the hoof to allow a puss to flow, we disinfect it and protect the hoof with a bandage. The owner should keep it on the hoof for three or four days. Next we…

08. January 2016

Poland | Sniadka, Skorzeszyce| Farm Animal Service

Our team is visiting farm in Sniadka to check on a young foal that we treated before and that was really skinny. His condition is better now, he is eating and started to gain weight. Next we are goinig to Skorzeszyce and give electrical fencing to a farmer that wants to let his horses on to the pasture. We will come back when the weather is better…