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09. February 2020

Argentina | Venado Tuerto, province of Santa Fe | Acopio

Barbed wire can cause such serious injuries.

There are hundreds of horse assembly centres in Argentina, so-called acopios. Most are unknown to the European auditors. The Argentinian authorities select assembly centres for audits. Usually, they pick model farms. So, we decide to visit assembly centres that are hidden from inspection.

We pay a visit to the acopio outside the town of Venado…

09. February 2020

Argentina | Río Cuarto, province of Córdoba | Slaughterhouse Land L

Horses exposed to the rain and sinking deep into the mud.

When we arrive at the Land L slaughterhouse on Friday morning, it is raining heavily and will continue raining until Monday. The horses are standing crowded together in the open, soaking wet. There are shelters in some of the pens, but their size is insufficient for the number of horses. In a few places, we see hay lying in the mud. According to a…

06. February 2020

Argentina | Santiago Temple, Province of Córdoba | Acopio of Arroyo

Horses kept without food and without any shade from the sun.

We drive to the acopio (horse assembly centre) in Santiago Temple, which is vast. We have been here many times before. What we find is always the same. In the middle of the acopio, there is a huge pile of carcasses with hundreds of dead horses.

A storm has passed recently. Trees and branches are lying around. The holding pens and feeding places…

03. February 2020

Argentina | Ibicuy, province of Entre Ríos | Acopio of “El Turco”

Dead horse at the roadside close to Turco’s farm.

There are hundreds of horse assembly centres in Argentina, so-called acopios. Today, we visit once again the acopio in Ibicuy with the sacred name of “Espiritu Santo”. It belongs to the slaughter horse dealer Jorge Saap, known as “El Turco”.

The temperature has reached 38°C, but the horses have no shade available, not even from trees. We see…

13. November 2019

Argentina | San Vicente, province of Buenos Aires | Raúl Onorato’s farm

An emaciated mare with prominent bones on Onorato’s pasture.

We first visited Raúl Onorato’s farm in San Vicente at the end of August, after the confiscation of some of his horses in the “field of horror” in Ezeiza. At that time, we saw no horses at his farm. Today, 2½ months later, there are several hundreds of horses on his pastures. It is a sunny day but the animals have no shade available, not even from…

30. October 2019

Argentina | Ezeiza, province of Buenos Aires | “Field of horror” of Raúl Onorato

The confiscated horses must stay in Ezeiza for more than two months.

In August, 400 malnourished and dying horses were confiscated in Ezeiza from the Onorato family clan, who is known to have been delivering stolen horses to EU-approved slaughterhouses for many years. The horses are now in the care of our Argentinian partner CRRE (Centro de Rescate y Rehabilitación Equino).

The authorities do not allow the horses…

24. October 2019

USA | Shelby | Bouvry’s horse assembly centre

The horses are kept in muddy pens without shelter or dry resting places.

Together with our partner Animals’ Angels USA, we have been monitoring the horse feedlot in Shelby, Montana, for many years. The feedlot serves as the US assembly centre for Bouvry, the largest Canadian horse slaughterhouse. Our previous investigations have uncovered tremendous abuse and neglect.

We return to Shelby in October 2019 and observe the…

22. August 2019

Argentina | Ezeiza, province of Buenos Aires | “Field of horror” of Raúl Onorato

Our team helping the rural police to save the dying horses of Onorato.

While our team is in Argentina investigating about the illegal trade of stolen horses, we learn about another case. More than 400 malnourished horses have been discovered on a field in Ezeiza near Buenos Aires. 25 of them are dead, four are dying. These horses belong to a dealer named Raúl Onorato, the father-in-law of Hernan Arbeo who recently…

18. August 2019

Argentina | Trenque Lauquen, province of Buenos Aires | Acopio Langhoff

Emaciated, weak horse lying down.

We visit the acopio (assembly centre) of horse dealer Angel Langhoff for the first time. There are approx. 100 horses present, including a few ponies and foals. Most of them are kept in small holding pens with dirt floors. They have no weather protection. The condition of the horses varies greatly. While some are malnourished, others are rather…