Investigations by Topics:

10. May 2019

Poland | Siedlce | Inspection with ITD Radom

A so called broiler on a transport destined for slaughter.

Our teams are in Eastern Poland to support ITD’s road police inspectors during the inspection of animal transports together with our partner organisation Eyes on Animals (Netherlands). We see one international cattle transport and several national poultry transports. We are happy that the quality of poultry vehicles and their compliance with…

18. January 2019

Poland | Siedlce | Inspection with ITD Radom

TSB|AWF and EonA team joins Road Transport Inspection (ITD) east of Warsaw to assist in inspecting animal transports.

Day 1:
First animal lorry stopped for inspection is empty, however the design of this vehicle raises our concern. We will contact the approving veterinarian to make sure the steep loading ramp with side protections too short for…

18. October 2018

Germany | Oldenburg | inspections of animal transports

Road inspections near Emstek follow the seminar of the day before. Within three hours six national transports are inspected, three loaded with pigs and four with unweaned calves, some of them just a few days old. In one truck a calf is released that got stuck between a dangerous divider and the side wall of the truck. Futhermore insufficient…

26. July 2018

Germany | Osnabrück | Training on road inspections on the A 30

Checking on a transporter with pigs on board destined for slaughter.

During road inspections on the highway A 30 nine animal transports loaded with Turkeys, chicken, pigs, calves and horses are inspected. A transporter is on the way to The Netherlands to load mink for a mink farm in Greece. There are concerns about the crates and loading conditions and thus we inform Eyes on Animals (NL), who right away send a team…

26. July 2018

Germany | Osnabrück | training on animal transport

Theoretical part of the seminar.

The police in Osnabrück has invited neighboring police inspections and official veterinarians to a training on animal transport. Beside the expert on animal transport Dr. Alexander Rabitsch, we are invited to share our observations and findings on long distance transports.


02. March 2018

Poland | Kielce region | Inspection with ITD Kielce

A calve that has been tied with a rope around its horns.

On a very cold early morning TSB|AWF and EonA team helped the Road Transport Inspection (ITD) from Kielce assess the transport conditions of cattle. It was not our first time in this area, and we were happy to see that after previously imposed sanctions, the cattle was not transported on 2 decks in the swanneck. Unfortunately, two out of 3…

19. February 2018

Poland | Gdansk region | Training for Gdansk Police, Inspection with ITD Gdansk



29-31.01.2018 and 01.02.2018: A very special time for the TSB|AWF and EonA team in the north of Poland. We are giving a training to the Police for the first time in Poland, and taking the opportunity to do a joint inspection with Road Transport Inspection (ITD) there, who completed our training in November 2016. A lot of good atmosphere,…

12. February 2018

Poland | Katowice region | Inspection with ITD Katowice

Two days of joint inspections with Road Transport Inspection resulted in four sad records. All animal transports inspected were performed with severe violations of the law, each holding a record in their own category. The first record breaker carried big adult cattle on two decks of a lorry, reaching 4.33m of height with the truck (maximum allowed…

06. February 2018

Germany | Leipzig | Training on animal transport

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The traffic police in Leipzig invited representatives of the BAG and official veterinarians from three districts to a training seminar on inspections of animal transports. Beside the animal transport inspectors and experts Dieter Adam (traffic police Brandenburg-Süd) and Dr. Alexander Rabitsch we provide our experience and expertise on animal…