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26. September 2016

Poland | Katowice | Police training – theory

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In Katowice, a 60-person-strong and diversified group has gathered for our theoretical training. Besides WITD inspectors, there are representatives of Police, Veterinary Inspection and Customs Officers. The audience listens carefully. During breaks we are getting requests for trainings for other authorities.

23. May 2016

Poland | Poznan | SANCO training for official veterinarians

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Together with Eyes on Animals (Netherlands) we are invited to the SANCO training in Poznan to give a speech on our perspective on long distance transport of animals. In our joint presentation we focused on the main areas of concern during long distance transport and our initiatives to improve animal welfare during transport. Many animal…

19. April 2016

Poland | Poznań | Police training – theory

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In Poznań we are giving a training to a big group of about 40 WITD inspectors (Road Transport Inspection) and about 10 representatives of Veterinary Inspection. The group is very active, asks a lot of questions and is definitely eager to get answers about practical aspects of Regulation 1/2005 and other regulations of law in force for animal…

03. March 2016

Poland | Łódź – Kutno | Police Training- practical part

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On the next day after the theory, the team follows ITD cars north of Łódź and we start our practical training near a big pig slaughterhouse. Three trucks are directed to inspection area, one after another. We suspect overloading, but after careful measurements, calculation and analysis of documents the number of animals is found to be correct.…

02. March 2016

Poland | Łódź | Police Training-Theory

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This day is booked for theory training for Road Transport Inspection in Łódź region. The room is small, but manages to accommodate over 20 persons. The inspectors follow carefully all 6 presentations and share problems they encounter in their animal transport inspections. Our expert, dr Rabitsch, provides tips how to solve difficult situations. The…

01. March 2016

Poland | Warsaw | Police training

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Following the theoretical training of the day before, the TSB/AWF and Eyes on Animals team with dr Rabitsch drives to a designated place on route 2 (stretching from eastern border of Poland to the west) for a practical part of the training. We are accompanied by 5 ITD cars with 2-person teams each. The weather is challenging: 0 degrees with snow…

29. February 2016

Poland | Warsaw-Radom | Police Training, department of WITD Radom

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The TSB/AWF and Eyes on Animals team with dr Rabitsch arrives in Warsaw to give a training to Road Inspectors from Mazowsze (mazowieckie) region. This is the most numerous WITD inspectorate in Poland – even though a flu virus is keeping a lot of people home, we have about 40 WITD inspectors in the room and a representative of Veterinary Inspection.…

21. January 2016

Poland | Lublin | Training of WITD, Lublin

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Our teams from TSB I AWF and Eyes on Animals give a six hours theory training on the EU Regulation 1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport at the University of life sciences in Lublin. The dean of the University opened the training and we appreciate the fact that Animal Welfare plays an important role at the University. The audience…

21. January 2016

Poland | Kielce | Training of WITD, Kielce

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On Tuesday 19 January our teams from from TSB I AWF and Eyes on Animals give a six hours theory training on the EU Regulation 1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport. 5 official veterinarians and 15 WITD officers participate in the training. Due to the fact that this is a small group there are lively discussions and questions in…