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21. October 2015

Spain | Altorricon | Fattening farms for calves

[Translate to English:] Foto von Kälbern aus Frankreich

Our team visited two farms in Altorricon, Huesca region, in order to find calves that were trailed in July from Germany to Spain. The aim is to document how many of them survived the long distance transport and to see the conditions they are kept in.
Unfortunately we cannot find any of these calves from July, but instead other calves imported from…

18. April 2015

Poland-Germany | Trailing of a transport with calves

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At a gas station near Warcaw our team waits for transports with calves from the Baltic States. These calves are sent on the longest journeys in Europe, even though it is not possible to supply them on the vehicle according to the requirements of the EU regulation for the protection of animals during transport.
At 3:30 am the team sees a transporter…