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30. November 2016

Germany | Calau | Training for the police in Süd Brandenburg

[Translate to English:] Dieter Adam erläutert die Auswertung des Fahrtenschreibers

Together with the expert on animal transport, Dr. Alexander Rabitsch, we give a training on livestock inspections for the traffic police in South Brandenburg. The training is organized by Dieter Adam, a policeman with years of experience in livestock inspections. He presented the basics of the police work during these inspections. Ten policemen and…

28. November 2016

Poland | Kielce | Police training – practical follow-up

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Kielce WITD, who attended our training in January 2016, invited us to take part in a joint action of ITD and Police by one of local cattle markets. It was a very interesting day: according to division of roles, Police were stopping smaller vehicles (under 3.5 t), and ITD – big ones. The Policemen, who had not had our training before, were happy to…

17. November 2016

Poland | Gdańsk | Police (ITD) training – practical part

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Early morning we are driving about 60 km south-west of Gdańsk to the village of Stezyca. The representatives of ITD, veterinary inspection and the police are already there. As soon as we get out of the car, our team member spots the first truck, which is immediately stopped for inspection. All in all, during a very rainy morning, four vehicles are…

16. November 2016

Poland | Gdańsk | Police (ITD) training – theory

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In Gdańsk we are giving a training to another big and diversify group consisting of ITD inspectors, police, veterinary inspection and border control officials. The group is very interested, asks a lot of questions. We are happy to see active participation of representatives of different authorities and a lot of potential for future cooperation.

15. November 2016

Poland | Olsztyn | Police (ITD) training – practical part

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Today we are joining WITD inspectors to perform are the practical part of our trainings on the road. The ITD team is splitting, each car going to a different location looking for animal transports. This way, even though in this area there are hardly any international transports, and few short distance ones, the inspectors stop three trucks. We…

14. November 2016

Poland | Olsztyn | Police (ITD) training – theory

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Olsztyn has a group of 30 ITD (Road Inspection) inspectors and two policemen ready to listen to our training on Reg. (EC) 1/2005. Owing to the geography of the region and very long driving times for some inspectors, we have to make our training shorter than usual, but we manage to cover the most important aspects of animal transport inspections,…

27. September 2016

Poland | Katowice | Police training – practical part

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Early morning, in the company of ITD, Police, Veterinary Inspection and Customs Officers we go to a service area by E40 highway. Soon an empty chicken truck is stopped, giving a great opportunity to carefully inspect the vehicle, as a result of which a few areas of concern are found. Next, the inspectors stop two pig transports. In one of the…

26. September 2016

Poland | Katowice | Police training – theory

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In Katowice, a 60-person-strong and diversified group has gathered for our theoretical training. Besides WITD inspectors, there are representatives of Police, Veterinary Inspection and Customs Officers. The audience listens carefully. During breaks we are getting requests for trainings for other authorities.

23. May 2016

Poland | Poznan | SANCO training for official veterinarians

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Together with Eyes on Animals (Netherlands) we are invited to the SANCO training in Poznan to give a speech on our perspective on long distance transport of animals. In our joint presentation we focused on the main areas of concern during long distance transport and our initiatives to improve animal welfare during transport. Many animal…