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31. July 2018

Poland | Bodzentyn| Monthly Report July: Cattle & Horse markets

Cow with ingrown hornes.

Being regularly present on the animal market in Bodzentyn for the last 15 years, we see that this place has changed a lot during last three years. The new mayor with a better approach, new market staff, new Veterinary Inspector and finally the big effort of our Polish team who regularly report all the infringements to the local Veterinary…

30. June 2018

Poland | Bodzentyn, Lagow | Monthly report June cattle & horse markets

Cow with a hand written eart tag. Selling and buying this animal is not allowed.

This month, our Polish team has visited animal markets six times. Both places are calm and not very busy. We observe fewer animals. Once, at the horse market, no one shows up. This situation has happened for the first time since TSB|AWF controls this place.
At cattle market, we observe several cows with ovegrown hooves. We also notice a new trader…

20. April 2018

Poland | Bodzentyn, Lagow | Monthly report March cattle & horse markets

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In March, our team in Poland visited animal markets 9 times. Most of the horses brought to the market are selected for two dealers who buy animals in Bodzentyn regularly. Both belong to Italians. One company still transports horses to Italy. The other one has stopped and slaughters horses much closer, in Poland.
On the cattle market, the situation…

17. April 2018

Poland| Bodzentyn, Lagow | Monthly report February cattle & horse markets

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In February our team visited the cattle and horse markets 10 times. Nowadays, the average number of cattle at the market is around 350 and around 30 for horses. We noticed only 7 cows with overgrown hooves, 2 emaciated ones and 2 with injuries on ischial bones (including a cow from Germany). The general condition of observed horses is good we did…

02. December 2017

Poland | Bodzentyn | Cattle market

[Translate to English:] Schneehaufen schränken den Zugang zu den Haltevorrichtungen ein.

Today our team inspects the Bodzentyn cattle market. We count about 400 animals, mainly bulls and young cattle. We observe only five cows with overgrown hooves, one emaciated and one with wound on ischial bones. It looks like the animal was beaten. When the trader notices we are taking the pictures, he quickly loads the cow. Luckily, we manage to…

14. October 2017

Poland | Bodzentyn | Cattle market

[Translate to English:] Abgemagerte Kuh mit Transportverletzungen an den Hüftknochen.

Today our team is inspecting the Bodzentyn cattle market. We count about 500 animals. The majority are bulls and calves. The atmosphere is calm. We observed two emaciated animals and few with overgrown hooves. We notice that one of the traders is forcefully pushing a cow into the lorry. The lorry is already full and there is no space to load more…

23. September 2017

Poland | Bodzentyn | Cattle market

[Translate to English:] Sehr dünne Kuh. Ihre Wirbelsäule ist sehr gut sichtbar.

Today our team is inspecting the Bodzentyn cattle market. It is raining heavily, the ground is muddy. Checking the condition of animals and taking the photos is difficult. There are a lot of trucks and cattle this time. We count about 500 animals. The majority are cows and young cattle. Just after 7 o’clock we notice a young bull lying next to the…

09. September 2017

Poland | Starachowice | Injured kitten - update

[Translate to English:] Kätzchen kurz nach der Operation.

The injured kitten found at the market in Bodzentyn two weeks ago had to have a surgery. The veterinarian, Dr. Blicharz from Starachowice, confirmed that black skin around the kitten’s ears and tail was caused by necrosis. The infected tissue had to be removed and the tail amputated. The surgery lasted about an hour and was successful. There were…

26. August 2017

Poland | Bodzentyn | Cattle market

[Translate to English:] 10 Jahre altes Mädchen bringt und ein verletztes Kätzchen.

As usual, our team starts inspecting the cattle market in Bodzentyn about 6 o’clock. We count about 300 animals. There is less cows, majority of the animals are bulls or young cattle and calves. A few minutes after six, a 10-year-old girl brings us a kitten. She found him under her mother’s car. The kitten looks very bad, is skinny and injured. It…