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05. April 2017

Poland | Lublin - Kraśnik | Police (ITD) training – follow up

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Another long day on the road with Road Transport Inspection and Veterinary Inspection. The first truck is empty, so we have a look inside a very well equipped long distance swanneck trailer - a great educating opportunity. Next, a short distance transport is a consignment of pigs whose status makes us worried: they are dirty, obviously stressed, we…

04. April 2017

Poland | Lublin - Kraśnik | Police (ITD) training – follow up

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Three animal transports inspected today with Road Transport Inspection. The first truck looked familiar, and indeed it was the same one that we inspected yesterday, with the same driver. We were pleased to see again proper conditions for the animals. The driver only received a warning for incomplete documentation under Art. 4 of Reg. 1/2005. The…

06. March 2017

Poland | Skaryszew | Police (ITD) training - inspections during 1st day of Skaryszew horse market

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After the luxury of 1.5 hours of sleep we are back on the road with ITD (Road Transport Inspection) officers to check on transports leaving the Skaryszew horse market. We witness cases of too big animals transported in too small lorries, trailers in bad technical condition and problematic international transport that leaves the market without…

05. March 2017

Poland | Skaryszew | Police (ITD) training - night inspections before Skaryszew horse market

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As part of our team spends the night inspecting the horse market itself, the other part of the team joins Road Transport Inspectors (ITD) to inspect night transports of horses to the market. Some vehicles have already arrived and are arranged in a long line-up for veterinary inspection. Some are still on the way. Through the night, ITD inspectors…

23. February 2017

Poland | Opole | Police (ITD) training – theory

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On rainy Thursday morning, we are arriving in the office of ITD (Road Transport Inspection) to give a theoretical training on Regulation (EC) 1/2005. Our audience consists of Road Transport Inspectors and Veterinary Inspectors from the whole region. We witness some lively discussions and sense some frustration in cases where law is not perfect…

22. February 2017

Poland | Katowice - Kozieglowy | Police (ITD) training – follow up

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TSB|AWF and Eyes on Animal representatives join Road Inspection Officers (ITD) again to inspect animal transports going along a busy road going north-east. Two cattle transports are stopped. We are pleased to see that one transport had everything right: both the animals and documents. We only had some concerns about too much space for two bulls in…

20. February 2017

Poland | Katowice - Żernica | Police (ITD) training – follow up

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TSB|AWF and Eyes on Animal representatives join Road Inspection Officers (ITD) to  inspect animal transport during the night. 5 livestock trucks were stopped, all got warnings or fines up to PLN 1000 (EUR 250). The findings included very poor conditions with rusty floors and missing partitions in pig trucks, and bad curtains and broken crates in…

01. December 2016

Germany | Calau | Inspections on animal transports with the traffic police in South of Brandenburg

[Translate to English:] AWF Team filmt die Transportbedingungen eines Rindertransportes

The practical part of the training is on the highway and at an assembly station. We are accompanied by a team from MDR television. On the way to the assembly station the police observes a small trailer loaded with poultry. The animals are in danger to fall out and they are not efficiently protected from the cold temperature and the rain. Especially…

30. November 2016

Germany | Calau | Training for the police in Süd Brandenburg

[Translate to English:] Dieter Adam erläutert die Auswertung des Fahrtenschreibers

Together with the expert on animal transport, Dr. Alexander Rabitsch, we give a training on livestock inspections for the traffic police in South Brandenburg. The training is organized by Dieter Adam, a policeman with years of experience in livestock inspections. He presented the basics of the police work during these inspections. Ten policemen and…