Investigations by date:

14. August 2022

Investigation in the US: Horse auction in Attalla

Horse with a fresh forehead injury.

We visit a horse auction in the United States together with Animals’ Angels USA. The Guy Bynum Auction takes place monthly in Attalla, Alabama. We observe the gathering of some of the largest kill buyers and horse brokers in the country and document an appalling list of abuse and neglect.

There are about 150 horses in the pens. Several animals are…

01. August 2022

Investigation in the US: Horse auction in Kalona

Pens and the raceway towards the auction ring.

Together with our partner Animals' Angels USA, we visit the monthly horse auction in the small town of Kalona near Iowa City. We check the conditions of the animals during the sale and monitor the activities of the kill buyers. The auction remains one of the most active slaughter sales in the country. Large scale kill buyers that ship horses both…

31. July 2022

Poland | Swietokrzyskie | Monthly report July: Farm Animal Service

Wola Zamkowa: Our FAS-team is looking after the hooves of this 30-year-old horse. He is very calm and friendly.

In July, our Farm Animal Service team (FAS)  start their work on a farm in Wola Zamkowa. There we trim the hooves of a 30 year old gelding. Despite his age, still he is in good shape. He is calm during trimming and picks up his legs very well.

Next, our FAS-team receives three phone calls from different farmers to care for several lame animals. On…

30. June 2022

Poland | Swietokrzyskie | Monthly report June: Farm Animal Service

Our FAS team is trimming the overgrown claws of several cows.

Summer arrived in Poland much earlier than usual. Therefore, in June it is already very hot. The temperature climbs up to extraordinarily high 34 °C. This makes the work for our Farm Animal Service (FAS) team more challenging. The heat and aggressive horse bitterns are tormenting both humans and animals. Moreover, is especially hard for the animals…

28. June 2022

Live transport inspection: Unweaned calves form Germany enroute to Spain

For the first time, our team is observing how calves are supplied on a truck with electrolyte solution using a new drinking system.

Our team covertly trails a German transporter carrying unweaned calves to Spain. We are accompanied by an official veterinarian. After eight hours the drivers stopp in France to supply the calves with electrolyte solution. The majority of the calves is using the mobile drinking system.

We are positively surprised to observe for the first time the…

25. June 2022

Investigation in the Spanish Port of Cartagena: Loading of cattle on export vessels from Spain to Egypt

Our team is not allowed to enter the port and works from a distance.

The port of Cartagena in Spain is one of the most important export ports. From there, European animals are transported to countries outside the EU. In mid-June, our team observes the loading of bovine animals onto export ships. Our partner organisations Animals International and Verein Gegen Tierfabriken are with us.

The vessels JULIA AK (built…

31. May 2022

Poland | Swietokrzyskie | Monthly report May: Farm Animal Service

Szerzawy: We are cutting the overgrown claws of several cows.

This month, our Farm Animal Service (FAS) team is starting their work looking after several cows. We start our first visit on a farm in Szerzawy. There we trim the claws of three cows. Their claws are heavily overgrown. The claws of the rest of the herd seem to be in a good condition. Usually, the farmer ensures that his animals are getting their…

30. April 2022

Poland | Swietokrzyskie | Monthly report April: Farm Animal Service

Sieradowice: A mare is suffering from scabies. Our team is here to help.

April is a busy month for our Farm Animal Service (FAS) team. We start our work on a farm in Bodzentyn where a horse had an accident. The horse cut his tongue with hay-bale string. Unfortunately, there is nothing our team can do to help. The horse needs medical assistance, and we advise the owner to call a veterinarian immediately.

Next, we are on…

29. April 2022

Police Training: Seminar on the inspection of live transports

Our project manager Iris Baumgärtner holds a presentation together with official veterinarian Dr Claudia Eggert-Satzinger on the protection of animals during transport.

Following the invitation of Dr. Madeleine Martin from the Hessian Ministry of Environment, Climate Protection, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, our project manager Iris Baumgärtner holds a presentation on animal welfare problems during live transports. She is supported by Dr Claudia Eggert-Satzinger, an official veterinarian with many years of…